Autin 12 Clifton Tourer

The english Lady

Sir Herbert Austin was a hard working man. During the development of the Austin Clifton 12 hp, he worked hard to ensure the vehicle would easily withstand the constant pressures of everyday use. In order to do so, Austin acquired the best materials to construct a sturdy frame. The performance and durability of the Austin Clifton 12 hp made it one of the best touring cars ever made. That was 1926.

Sir Herbert was right about the durability and remarkable performance of our Austin 12 Clifton Tourer. Eighty-two years running and still young. Our Austin 12 was the only car in Great Britain still on the road. With its 27 horsepower engine, it purrs like a kitten. It outruns its rivals with brakes at each wheel and four speeds, reaching up to nearly 100 miles an hour! 

At some point our Austin 12 hp got its name Gertie, making he a she. She was first introduced in Birmingham, England.  The Austin Motor Company was well known for its durable chassis’. Gertie is particularly rare because she still has here original frame and chassis. Many buyers of the trade only buy the chassis and build the frame themselves. This is very common for most vintage cars.

A few years ago, Gertie came to a family in Bristol. It was their dream car! Together as a family, they bought a trailer hitch and toured classic car events across the country. 

Gertie is the first Austin 12 hp belonging to Dohna & Dombert. Experience for yourself its solid construction, powerful engine, and real British feel. Show Gertie the castles, country side and scenery. Take her for a drive through the lovely English gardens that may just reminder her of home.