Durant D65

Our friend from Montevideo

Contrary to belief, the Duchess of Cornwall is not associated with the previous owner of our 65 Durant.  Although Camillia Parket Bowles and Prince Charles were present during the 1980s when this car was imported to Britain, the name Camilla on the side of the car was a personal touch of the previous owner, and not associated with the Duchess of Cornwall.  

Additional detailing was added to the vehicle during the 1980s in Montevideo, Uruguay. Uruguay had already seen this particular car once before during the early stages of manufacturing in 1928. The vehicle was greatly improved by replacing the wooden-spoke wheels with wire-spoke wheels. This prevents termites from destroying the wheels. 

In 1911, William debuted the Chevrolet line in an effort to compete against the rival Model T. In 1921, he founded the brand Durant, Star, Flint and Rugby. In 1928, Durant introduced three new models on the market, the Durant 55, 65 and 75. The Durant 65 and 75 were newly developed models with improved six-cylinder engines.

The Durant 65 was far ahead of its rivals. The six-cylinder engine, rubber bearings and quiet sound landed it in a class of its own.  At this time, air and oil filters were not common.

The Durant is a roomy, smooth vehicle that originally guaranteed its drivers 65 miles per hour, or 100 km/hour, which at the time, was a very powerful vehicle. 

Camilla’s previous owner had found a true gem. According to the Durant-preformed register, there are only three other D 65 vehicles next to Camilla still touring today.