Ford A Tourer

Henry Fordís Success

Henry Fordís passion for making durable and reliable vehicles by using quality materials, revolutionized the automotive market in the early 1900s. After 15 million Model T vehicles were released, Ford introduced the Model A on the market. The Model A was considered more luxurious than the Tin Lizzy because of its wide seats and spacious feel. However, it still maintained an affordable price for consumers. The combination of four-wheel brakes, an electric starter, a three-speed transmission (the Model T only had two speeds), and a robust steel frame with an easy-to-maintain motor, helped to shape Fordís new mass model.

Our Ford Model A Tourer was restored in the United States before hoping-the-pond to England. The original six-volt battery was replaced with a twelve-volt model to make the vehicle even more reliable. Our Model A Tourer also features speed-reducing overdrive, and an in-car heater. Stay comfortable in the Tourer on chilly days, with its built in heat exchanger that blows warm air from the radiator into the cab.

Unlike our other vintage vehicles, previous owners of our Ford Model A have not given it a name. Considering its history and character, we have settled on the very cheery and reliable name, Henry.