Just Around the Bend

The routes selected for our vintage car tours allow you to explore some of Germany's most treasured landscapes.  The once rough Westphalia landscape has developed over the years into a beautiful countryside, sprinkled with clusters of small towns and cities. Every town and city offers a unique life style, culture, and varying types architecture. The Osnabrück area is ranked one of the best regions in Westphalia.

One of the most recognized areas in Westphalia is the Weser Renaissance, known for its magnificent palaces and charming half-timbered houses. Castle ruins high up on the hills provide breathtaking panoramic views of the mountainous Weser region. 

Münsterland is known for its artistry. Here, you can see the medieval Westfalisch garments from the prince-bishop during the Versailles baroque. Nearby is the birth place of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, a famous German poet. Two of her most famous pieces are "The Jewish book” and her ballad “The Lad on the Moor.”

The rich soils of the Osnabrück region has fostered vast cultural achievements over the past one thousand years. Yet another 500 years prior, Arminus the chief of the Cherusci, also known as Hermann, defeated the Roman army in the battle of the Teutoburg forest.

Near the Weser escarpment lies castles previously lived in by the Counts of Lippe. It was here that the Counts could build and secure their rule. In the 16th century, the Counts constructed the small city of Detmold in the center of their realm. In the 19th century, composer Johannes Brahms lived in the city for a few years. The royal family of Detmold still lives in the main castle today.

Feel the presence of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale in the Kellerwald forest. 

For guests looking to enjoy a leisurely drive and relaxing day away, a trip to the North Hesse Keller forest is available for you. This tour allows you to enjoy a night in a tranquil romantic country house in the valley. A simple half-day relaxing drive and spa treatment, may be just what you’re looking for. 


Photo: © Rainer Sturm / PIXELIO