Our three vintage cars: Durant D65 (up), Ford A (middle), der Austin 12 Clifton Tourer (down). Photos: Ralf Bittner

Open, Spacious and Plenty of Leg Room

Our Antique Treasures

Our 1920s vintage cars are true works of art with their long snout, large wheels, rounded fenders, side paneling and free standing lights. Inside the vehicles, enjoy the real leather Old-timer benches, wooden steering wheel and vintage speedometers. Our 1920s Old-timer cars are completely equipped and ready to drive!

A few turns of the key and a step on the accelerator will get your 40 to 60 horsepower car off to the races! The vehicles themselves are remarkably easy to drive. You’ll coast through time as you cruse along the back country roads.  Stiff steering and difficulty shifting that is often associated with older cars is no trouble with our vehicles. We encourage our clients to take advantage of warm weather by removing the convertible hood. We supply driving googles, caps and tissues to protect your head and eyes. Chance of rain? No problem, we walk you through a few quick steps on how to instal the roof and windows to keep dry.

People often stop to watch our vintage vehicles as they cruse through villages and towns, and down country roads and paths. You’ll need to use a wooden stool to unload your picnic lunch packed in a large suitcase on the car's luggage rack.  Enjoy an afternoon of driving and picnicking in Germany’s beautiful countryside they way they did 80 years ago, by taking one of our vintage car tours today. 

Our vehicles are well maintained and thoroughly checked before and after each trip. Additional security inspections are preformed annually on the vehicles to ensure their safety, and the safety of our customers.