When men become warhorses

On the Trail of the Weser Renaissance

The forested mountains in the Weser region are home to many old trade routes. These routes weave around the side of mountains, and provide magnificent views of the countryside and the Weser River. Our Weserbergland tour is designed to allow you, our guests, to enjoy the blend of both nature and culture of the region over your 4 day trip. 

Firmly rooted in the hills of the Weserbergland, are towns from the 16th and 17th century, built with the trademarked Weser Renaissance architectural style.

During the time of growing prosperity in the 16th and 17th century, many noblemen rebuilt their medieval castles to increase their security and stability. The new styles of the castles were heavily influenced by French and the Italian Renaissance architects. Some must-see sights are the Hämelschenburg, Bückeburger and Corvey castles. A trip to the Furstenberg castle, now the local white gold and porcelain factory, is another a top destination. 

Weserbergland’s citizens were wealthy. They demonstrated their growing influence in society by building magnificent houses with beautiful landscaping and gardens. The small city of Hamelin is known for such houses. A drive through the city is a must!